RadioSpia 16 – What a Wonderful

The Alpha States & Andrea Chimenti – What a Wonderful [single]

Label: RadioSpia
Release date: 27th Feb 2021
UPC: 195999604466
Catalog: RadioSpia 16 – RS 16
Genre: Rock / Euro-Rock – Pop / New Wave – Featuring Drums
Artist sound like: The Cure, Joy Division, David Bowie

The Alpha States & Andrea Chimenti: What a Wonderful [single]

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Alpha States & Andrea Chimenti:
What a Wonderful [02:54]
Music and lyrics: Vincenzo Mascolo (PRS)
Publisher: RadioSpia publishing (BMI)
ISRC: IT-WIW-21-00001 – ISWC: T-925.145.409-8

Performed by:
Piero Monterisi: Drums
Giovanni Mastrangelo: Fretless bass
Sandro Brescia: Picked bass
Angelo Di Gioia: Electric guitars
Angelo Caponi: Ac. Piano, synt
Marco Maffei: synthesizers and programming
Roberto Pellicano: Background Vocals
Andrea Chimenti: Vocals

– Cover: Picture by Domenico Montino, art by The Gorky, lettering by Andrea Chimenti
– Recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by Marco Maffei at audio labs (2017 / 2021)
– Arranged by Marco Maffei, Sandro Brescia, Angelo Caponi, Alessandro Lo Storto, Angelo Di Gioia, Piero Monterisi
– Executive production:
– Producer: Marco Maffei
– (C) and (P) 2021 RadioSpia records
– Publisher: RadioSpia Publishing

Andrea Chimenti’s bio:
From 1983 to 1989, Andrea Chimenti was the lead singer of Moda, one of the founding groups of ’80s Italian rock / new-wave. With Moda he made three albums for I.R.A. records, produced by Alberto Pirelli. In 1990 he began his solo career with, until today, eleven albums and various compilations and collaborations, including the one with Mick Ronson (guitarist and producer for David Bowie, Lou Reed, Bob Dylan), David SylvianSteve JansenMick KarnGianni MaroccoloPiero PelùFederico FiumaniGiancarlo OnoratoRita MarcotulliYoYo MundiPatrizia LaquidaraSycamore AgeStefano PanunziNicola AlesiniNosoundThe Alpha StatesMoon GardenCorde Oblique.
He works as an actor and writes soundtracks for theater and cinema, then creates installations and soundtracks for art exhibitions.
He composes music for literatures by Ungaretti, Pessoa, passages from the Qohelet and Cantico dei Cantici. He collaborates with directors such as Carlo Verdone, Fernando Maraghini and Maria Erica Pacileo, Massimo Luconi, Riccardo Sottili, Gaia Bonsignore and Roberto D’Ippolito. Andrea works with the Silenda dance company from Normandy for the French Ministry of Culture, with Culturanuova as the director of several visual and sound installations during the launches of important restorations (including Giorgio Vasari, Piero della Francesca, Leonardo da Vinci, Beato Angelico, Correggio).
He also writes various short stories and his first novel called Yuri comes out in 2014 for Zona Editore. In 2020, L’Organista di Mainz, a collection of 5 short stories with an audiobook attached, comes out.

The Alpha States’ bio:
The Alpha States is an open creative collective, born from some members of the ’90s band Violent Bop Generator and is made up of musicians, sound engineers end singers. They aims produce good music from electronic to rock and wave, including pure research.
Its members declare to hate limitations and strongly want to work to gain an important musical role in society. The name of The Alpha States derives from a futuristic vision: the Political States arising from the failures of the modern man, a utopian social perfection so high that it may become real (perhaps) just after a destruction of the existing schemes. The assonance of the name with dream induction gets the previous concept stronger, leading it to a dream of a utopian society. In this track, Piero Monterisi on drums (drummer with Max Gazzè, Daniele Silvestri, PFM and more) enriches the whole final work.

Some instruments played: Gretsch maple drums – Ludwig snare drum – Fender Telecaster and N1 el. guitars – Digitally emulated guitar amps – Fender Jazz fretless bass – B1 electric bass – Strauss acoustic piano – Korg and Moog synths – Telefunken, AKG, Shure and Sennheiser microphones – Drawmer, Focusrite, Urei and DBX dynamics – Yamaha, TC, Universal Audio and Lexicon outboards – MOTU AD / DA converters – Drawmer, Focusrite and TLA preamps – Studer A80 reel tape.

What a Wonderful – Lyrics

What a Wonderful
What a wonderful life
And I see you
And I see you cry, why?
What a wonderful
What a wonderful life

Take my hands and see
My eyes and we will fly
Take my hands and see
My eyes and we will fly

Credits on this page’s pictures:
Thanks to Monia Pavoni (Chimenti’s top pict), Antonio De Sarno (Chimenti’s bottom pict), Vavaluma (Monterisi’s pict)

⇒ “What a wonderful, what a wonderful life – and I see you, and I see you cry, why? (Che vita meravigliosa, ma io ti vedo piangere, perché?)”. Questa frase da sola rappresenta l’essenza del singolo “What a wonderful” a firma di The Alpha States & Andrea Chimenti. Seppur già edito (da Madame Butterfly & Mr. Bear) il brano fotografa il momento difficile che sta vivendo la musica (e l’arte) in questo momento storico e al contempo vuol lanciare un messaggio di speranza per il futuro. The Alpha States dipingono un incantevole scenario post-wave sul quale la voce di Andrea Chimenti si muove sicura e in modo caratteristico. Senza dubbio un “gioellino pop” la cui melodia difficilmente riusciremo a toglierci dalla testa. (VivaMag)

⇒ I like the atmosphere you managed to create with this song. It reminds me of the first U2 albums. I love how your voice merges with the song. Nice project! (Salotto Musicale)

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