RadioSpia 12 – Hypnos

Maurizio Rana – Hypnos [Album – 15 songs]

Label: RadioSpia
Release Date: 09th May 2019
UPC / Bar Code: 190394927592
Catalogue: RadioSpia 12 – RS 12
Genre: New Age / Ambient – Contemporary Instrumental / Acoustic – Dreamy
Comments: Instrumental, relaxing music (tracks 1 / 14 are holophonic)
Artists sound like: David Kuckherman – Adrian J Portia – Yuki Koshimoto – Sam Maher

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Short Album description:
This is the 2nd, very precious release by the handpan artist Maurizio Rana: a complex journey between the Mind and the Spirit, about the Space among them.
A full-lengh album plus a bonus track, which explores the Maurizio’s imaginary vision of the world, his poetry, his family and his high life values.


– 01 – Nathan [06:09]
ISRC: IT-WIW-18-00004

– 02 – A Two Stars Collision (solo handpan version) [05:17]
ISRC: IT-WIW-18-00005

– 03 – Namaste (2018 version) [05:34]
ISRC: IT-WIW-18-00006

– 04 – The Moon And The Sun [03:56]
ISRC: IT-WIW-18-00007

– 05 – Asa Crime [06:36]
ISRC: IT-WIW-18-00008

– 06 – Hypnos [03:57]
ISRC: IT-WIW-18-00009

– 07 – Goodbye To Summer [04:33]
ISRC: IT-WIW-18-00010

– 08 – Ar Pa [02:23]
ISRC: IT-WIW-18-00011

– 09 – Mau (2018 version) [04:38]
ISRC: IT-WIW-18-00012

– 10 – Friends, Food And Wine [06:53]
ISRC: IT-WIW-18-00013

– 11 – Hypnotic X [06:09]
ISRC: IT-WIW-18-00014

– 12 – The Waiting [03:17]
ISRC: IT-WIW-18-00015

– 13 – Acoustic River [06:01]
ISRC: IT-WIW-18-00016

14 – Valerio’s Song (2018 version) [03:32]
ISRC: IT-WIW-18-00017

– 15 – A Two Stars Collision [04:31]
ISRC: IT-WIW-18-00018

[TOTAL TIME: 73 min 24 sec]

– Cover Picture: Marco Elia Morea
– Cover Art: The Gorky
– Tracks 1 / 14 are composed and performed by Maurizio Rana
– Track 15 is composed by Maurizio Rana, Marco Maffei (BMI) and Mario Longo (SIAE); performed by Maurizio Rana (handpan), Mario Longo (cellos) and Marco Maffei (percussions, sampled sitar and programming)
– This album was engineered by Marco Maffei at audio labs / Italy ( between October 2017 and November 2018
– Tracks 1 / 14 were recorded, mixed and mastered in holophonic sound
– Track 15 is  also available on E.P. “Maurizio Rana – Music for Handpan” (2018) (link)
– Track 4 is also available on CD “Maurizio Rana – The Moon and The Sun” (2017)
– Executive production: audio labs
– Artistic production: Marco Maffei
– (C) and (P) Copyright: RadioSpia 2019 – All rights reserved
– Publisher: RadioSpia Publishing (BMI)

Maurizio Rana was born in Foggia in ’64. He discovered the handpan instrument once grown-up and decided to take advantage of it to compose music, applying his instinct and technique to leave a mark of his life.
After 3 years of practice and study, in 2017 he recorded his first album with solo handpan, “The Moon and The Sun” (CD). Later, he published the EP “Music for Handpan” (RadioSpia, 2018), which expanded the concepts thanks to the song “A Two Stars Collision” starting a new orchestrated sound, keeping this new instrument as crux.
At the same time, in 2018 and 2019, other Maurizio’s songs were recorded and prepared to be a part of this musical journey album, published with the name of “Hypnos“.
Among his public performances, we can remember those at the Teatro Giordano in Foggia from 2017 and, in particular, one with the world-class percussionist Loris Lombardo (April, 2019). We also mention those with a surround sound (with the audio labs) at the Museo Civico of Foggia (2017), and the “Yoga in Surround” experiment with Donatella Damato (2018). Other collaborations are with the Officina Teatrale (Foggia). The Maurizio’s parallel literary production as a poet should also be mentioned.
In order to search for his proper sound, Maurizio had had to test, over the years, more than thirty different handpans. In fact, the study of handpan (which is an instrument entirely built by expert hands) requires constant effort and research among the many available makers and the different harmonic scales. A true path of research and improvement is required, before reaching a true compatibility between the player and his handpan.
Maurizio Rana loves the handpan sound so much, that he considers it as a fundamental part of himself: a channel through which he can share his emotions with his audience.

Videoclip (released on May 08th, 2019):
Asa Crime [Official Videoclip] – YouTube (link)  – ISRC: IT-M9O-19-00001

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