RadioSpia 13 – Storie Da Un Altro Mondo

Angelo Cavallo – Storie Da Un Altro Mondo [Album – 15 songs]

Label: RadioSpia
Release Date: 19th Jun 2019
UPC / Bar Code: 194171338601
Catalogue: RadioSpia 13 – RS 13
Genre: Folk, Singer / songwriter – Alternative Folk – Solo Male Artist
Comments: Political, existentialist, traditional, crazy music
Artists sound like: Matteo Salvatore – Tom Waits

Audio CD:Angelo Cavallo – Storie Da Un Altro Mondo [Album – 15 songs]
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Short Album description:
In his first album, Angelo Cavallo sings and plays 15 stories that come from “elsewhere”: some his own stories, stories by others and stories by the well-known Matteo Salvatore. Sea and Gargano’s stories, which represent the background to pains and hopes.

– 01 – La Morte Traditrice [03:48]
Composer: Matteo Salvatore – ISRC: IT-WIW-19-00001

– 02 – Padrone Mio [03:34]
Composer: Matteo Salvatore – Publisher: Ala Bianca Group – ISRC: IT-WIW-19-00002

– 03 – La Notte è Bella [02:22]
Composers: Otello Ermanno Profazio, Matteo Salvatore – ISRC: IT-WIW-19-00003

– 04 – Come Stai [02:45]
Composer: Angelo Massimo Cavallo – Publisher: RadioSpia publishing (BMI) – ISRC: IT-WIW-19-00004

– 05 – Lu Furastiero Dorme La Notte Sull’Aia [01:50]
Composer: Matteo Salvatore – Publisher: Ala Bianca Group – ISRC: IT-WIW-19-00005

– 06 – Bene Mio [03:48]
Composer: Matteo Salvatore – ISRC: IT-WIW-19-00006

– 07 – La Ragazza [03:44]
Composer: Angelo Massimo Cavallo – Publisher: RadioSpia publishing (BMI) – ISRC: IT-WIW-19-00007

– 08 – Lu Monaco Cercatore [04:38]
Composer: Matteo Salvatore – ISRC: IT-WIW-19-00008

– 09 – Tu No [02:47]
Composers: Roberto Ciampi, Gianni Marchetti, Piero Ciampi
Publisher: Creazioni Artistiche Musicali C.A.M. – ISRC: IT-WIW-19-00009

– 10 – L’Uomo Del Tavoliere [02:29]
Composer: Matteo Salvatore – ISRC: IT-WIW-19-00010

– 11 – Quando Scendono i Forestieri [03:04]
Composer: Angelo Massimo Cavallo – Publisher: RadioSpia publishing (BMI) – ISRC: IT-WIW-19-00011

– 12 – Sempre Poveri [03:09]
Composer: Matteo Salvatore – ISRC: IT-WIW-19-00012

– 13 – Boom Crash [06:17]
Composer: Angelo Massimo Cavallo – Publisher: RadioSpia publishing (BMI) – ISRC: IT-WIW-19-00013

– 14 – Le Fontanelle [02:38]
Composers: Anton Giulio Perugini, Matteo Salvatore
Publisher: Edizioni Universal Music Publishing Ricordi – ISRC: IT-WIW-19-00014

– 15 – Io Non Ci Penso [06:08]
Composers: Angelantonio Pantaleo, Angelo Massimo Cavallo
Publisher: RadioSpia publishing (BMI) – ISRC: IT-WIW-19-00015

[TOTAL TIME: 53 min 00 sec]

– Cover Art: Santina Francavilla
– Sound recorded, mixed and mastered by Marco Maffei at audio labs (Italy)
– All songs performed by Angelo Cavallo (vocals, guitar, percussions, kazoo)
– Marco Maffei played marimba on “Sempre Poveri”
– (C) (P) 2019 RadioSpia records

Angelo Cavallo played guitar while very young. Since 1976, underage, he played in live festivals, opening concerts for important Italian progressive bands, like the Area with Demetrio Stratos, Napoli Centrale, James Senese, Moni Ovadia and Il Canzoniere del Lazio.
His due for call-up will change everything. The sea and the jobs at the sea would replace his passion for singing, for the guitar and for musical composition.
In 1990 he teached at the Chamber of Commerce in training courses about tourism, then he created several companies: the Blue Animation Team (animation and shows), Suoni dal Mondo (live management of World Music) and Voce del Gargano (record label).
In his city, Foggia, he opened a live club (the Nessun Dorma) in ’92 and then a literary café (the Caffé del Bando) in 2002.
After, he wrote nine books distributed by Feltrinelli, worked with some artists from Naples (Eugenio Bennato) and Puglia (Matteo Salvatore), with whom he shared 20 long years of work and sincere friendship. After his storyteller friend’s death in 2005, Angelo dedicated to him a biography and the award “Premio Matteo Salvatore”, held for various years in Foggia, which also included Club Tenco and Rai Trade as partners. With the last one, Angelo produced a live CD in 2011.
He’s been also active for theater, he produced and created some shows: Antonio Albanese performed the first plays with his texts; in 2013 he wrote with Sergio Rubini the play “Di fame, di denaro, di passione”.
In 2015 he retired from the scenes for personal reasons, but thanks to providence, in 2018 he came back, realizing that a guitar could let him spread simple and direct emotions to an audience.
Hence the need for making an album, the first record of his life, as coming back from another world.

Some Instruments used:
Yamaha Classic guitar – various acoustic percussions and marimba – AKG, Telefunken, M-Audio microphones – Drawmer and Joemeek preamps – TC, Universal Audio, Waves and Focusrite dynamics – Lexicon, Universal Audio, TC and Apple outboards – MOTU ADC / DAC – Apple Logic recorder and editor. Stereo sound mix made with hybrid digi-log technology.