RadioSpia 04 – Ashes to Ashes

The Alpha States & Andrea Chimenti – Ashes to Ashes [song]

Label: RadioSpia
Release date: Mar 8th, 2014
UPC: 888174589947
Catalogue: RadioSpia 04 – RS 04
ISRC: US-CGH-14-68164
Genre: Rock / Pop / Wave
Comments: Rendition, David Bowie

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 (released Nov 21st, 2014):
[Official Videoclip] – YouTube (LINK) – ISRC: IT-M9O-14-00001

The Alpha States are now an “open” project, born among some of the “Violent Bop Generator” members and is made by musicians, singers and sound designers / engineers. This project aims perform good music, from Trance to pure research, including Rock. Its members declare to hate limitations and strongly want to gain a very important musical role in our society. The name of The Alpha States derives from a futuristic vision: the Political States arising from the failures of the modern man, a utopian social perfection so high that it may become real (perhaps) just after a destruction of the existing schemes. The assonance of the name with dream induction gets the previous concept stronger: the dream of a utopian society.

This is the second single for The Alpha States: a new version for a classic David Bowie song. A great performance with a new style, derived from the idea of a necessary growth for the modern man, who should arise to a new concept of imaginary Political States, named “Alpha”. In this release, some special guests perform this great Bowie’s song in a new musical dress, among them you can appreciate also the famous Italian singer and actor Andrea Chimenti, who gave a magic touch to the whole song.

Performed by:
– Natale la Riccia: Drums
– Giovanni Mastrangelo: Fretless electric bass
– Lucio Pentrella: Electric guitars
– Edgardo Caputo: Piano, synt
– Marco Maffei: synthesizers and programming
– Roberto Pellicano: Background Vocals
– Vincenzo Mascolo: Vocals
– Andrea Chimenti: Vocals

Music and Lyrics: David Robert Jones – David Bowie
Cover Picture and Art: The Gorky
Recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by Marco Maffei at / VBG Audio Labs 2010-2014
Arranged by Marco Maffei and Edgardo Caputo
Executive production: Studios (Italy)
Artistic production: Marco Maffei – (C) and (P) 2014 RadioSpia records
Publisher: Tintoretto /Jones – RZO – EMI Music

This song is dedicated to the immortal bass player Mick Karn, who would have liked to play this “Ashes to Ashes” with The Alpha States, while unfortunately discovered his disease. We all love you, Mick!

Instruments: Gretsch maple drums – Fender guitars – Pignose Legendary guitar amp – Trace Elliot bass amp – Yamaha piano – TC Electronic and Moog synths – Telefunken, Akg and Sennheiser mics – Drawmer, Urei and DBX dynamics – Yamaha, Universal Audio and Lexicon outboards – MOTU AD / DA – Drawmer and Focusrite preamps.


Do you remember a guy that’s been
In such an early song
I’ve heard a rumour from Ground Control
Oh no, don’t say it’s true
They got a message from the Action Man
“I’m happy, hope you’re happy too
I’ve loved all I’ve needed to love
Sordid details following”

The shrieking of nothing is killing
Just pictures of Jap girls in synthesis
and I ain’t got no money and I ain’t got no hair
but I’m hoping to kick but the planet it’s glowing

Ashes to ashes, funk to funky
We know Major Tom’s a junkie
Strung out in heaven’s high
Hitting an all-time low

Time and again I tell myself
I’ll stay clean tonight
But the little green wheels are following me
Oh no, not again
I’m stuck with a valuable friend
“I’m happy, hope you’re happy too”
One flash of light but no smoking pistol

I never done good things
I never done bad things
I never did anything out of the blue, woh-o-oh
Want an axe to break the ice
Wanna come down right now

Ashes to ashes, funk to funky
We know Major Tom’s a junkie
Strung out in heaven’s high
Hitting an all-time low
My mother said to get things done
You’d better not mess with Major Tom

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