RadioSpia 07 – An Ideal Today for Carmina Burana

Vv. Aa. – One Carl is Undead: An Ideal Today for Carmina Burana [Album, 9 songs]

Label: RadioSpia
Release Date: Feb 8th 2015
UPC: 889211345625
Catalogue: RadioSpia 07 – RS 07
Genre: Electronic
Comments: Various Artists

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– 1 – The Alpha States & Andrea Ruscitti – Welcome to Carmina [3:27]
Composers: Andrea Ruscitti – Marco Maffei
Publisher: RadioSpia Publishing (BMI)
Performed by:
– Andrea Ruscitti: Programming
– Marco Maffei: Fretless bass, Percussions, Synth
– Classic Choir
ISRC: US-CGH-15-31180

– 2 – The Alpha States & Andrea Chimenti – Defectus [4:08]
Arrangers / Composers: Andrea Chimenti – Marco Maffei; Public Domain: O Fortuna (XII Century)
Publisher: RadioSpia Publishing (BMI)
Performed by:
– Andrea Chimenti: Vocals
– Antonio Bucci: Synth, Ukulele
– Marco Maffei: Synth
ISRC: US-CGH-15-31181

– 3 – The Alpha States & Domenico Montino – Space Cargo [3:03]
Composers: Domenico Montino – Marco Maffei
Publisher: RadioSpia Publishing (BMI)
Performed by:
– Domenico Montino: programming
– Marco Maffei: Synth, Fretless Bass
– Classic Choir and Orchestra
ISRC: US-CGH-15-31182

– 4 – The Alpha States & Emanuele Menga – Inhuman Fate [6:06]
Arranger / Composer: Emanuele Menga; Public Domain: O Fortuna (XII Century)
Publisher: RadioSpia Publishing (BMI)
Performed by:
– Emanuele Menga: Programming
– Marco Maffei: Synth
– Classic Choir and Orchestra
ISRC: US-CGH-15-31183

– 5 – Valentino Corvino – The Queen in My Arms [2:37]
Composer: Valentino Corvino
Publisher: RadioSpia Publishing (BMI)
Performed by:
– Valentino Corvino: Violin, Programming
– Marco Maffei: Percussions
– Classic Choir and Orchestra
ISRC: US-CGH-15-31184

– 6 – Alba Francesca Battista – À Rebours [2:59]
Composer: Alba Francesca Battista
Publisher: RadioSpia Publishing (BMI)
Performed by:
– Alba Francesca Battista: Programming
ISRC: US-CGH-15-31185

– 7 – Domenico Montino – Carmina Burana (Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi) [Velut Luna Version] [3:27]
Composer: Carl Orff Publisher: Schott Music
Performed by:
– Domenico Montino: Programming
– Marco Maffei: Synth
– Classic Choir and Orchestra
ISRC: US-CGH-15-31186

– 8 – Emanuele Menga – Carmina Burana (Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi) [Est Affectus Version]  [4:15]
Composer: Carl Orff Publisher: Schott Music
Performed by:
– Emanuele Menga: Programming
– Classic Choir and Orchestra
ISRC: US-CGH-15-31187

– 9 – The Alpha States & Andrea Chimenti – Defectus [Dry Mix Version] [4:17]
Arrangers / Composers: Andrea Chimenti – Marco Maffei; Public Domain: O Fortuna (XII Century)
Publisher: RadioSpia Publishing (BMI)
Performed by:
– Andrea Chimenti: Vocals
– Antonio Bucci: Synth
– Marco Maffei: Synth
ISRC: US-CGH-15-31188


THE ALPHA STATES: They are an “open” project, made by musicians, singers and sound The Alpha States & Andrea Chimentiengineers. The name derives from a futuristic vision: the Political States arising from the failures of the modern man, a utopian social perfection so high that it may become real (perhaps) just after a destruction of the existing schemes. Their musical vision respects the utopia of their name. In “Defectus” Antonio Bucci (Pseudofonia) also played.

ANDREA CHIMENTI: Singer, musician and composer. After the time with “Moda”, one of the most representative bands of the new wave of the ‘80s in Italy, Andrea Chimenti started a long solo career with songs which are amazing for their beauty, elegant lyrics, vocal performance and quality of the arrangements. As an icon of rock-wave music, with collaborations with, for instance, David Sylvian, he performed a new version of Bowie’s “Ashes to Ashes” with The Alpha States, in 2014.

VALENTINO CORVINO: Composer, violinist, violist, director. He performed worldwide as a soloist and as Valentino Corvinoa member of important European ensembles and of the Teatro Comunale di Bologna Orchestra. He is also member of Arkè String Quartet; he performed, among others, “Arkeology” CD with Trilok Gurtu (2007) and Aquarius (2004) with Stefano Bollani and Gabriele Mirabassi. He composes music for theatre and film productions

Electronic Music Artist, Piano and Physics. She’s a professor of electronic music in Conservatory. Her compositions and papers have been selected for Alba Francesca Battistamany international contests (55ma Biennale d’Arte in Venezia, Vox Novus in New York; Center for Arts and Technologies of Seoul). Her electroacoustic work “Nueva Luz” won the International Competition SONOM 2014 (Mexico). She is the author of “Elementi di Acustica Fisica e sistemi di diffusione sonora” (2012) and “Elettrotecnica ed Elettronica. I nuovi strumenti che hanno rivoluzionato l’estetica della musica” (2014).

DJ and producer. Fascinated by Funk music, he became interested in electronic music and has produced many songs of minimal EDM music. Many famous DJs have played and supported his tracks.

DOMENICO MONTINO:Electronic musician, composer and singer. A multifaced artist in love with electro music and synthesizers.

EMANUELE MENGA: Speaker and DJ in radio stations in Puglia, since ‘80s. He later became a skilled composer, arranger and “digital” performer of original music for theatre and commercials.

Cover Art: The Gorky
All songs partially recorded, fully edited, mixed and mastered by Marco Maffei at in 2013 / 2015. Orchestral parts recorded live in Italy by Marco Maffei.
Executive production: Studios (Italy)
Artistic production: Marco Maffei
(C) and (P) 2015 RadioSpia records – All rights reserved
Publishers: RadioSpia Publishing (BMI) (songs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9) and Schott Music (Songs 7, 8)

Some Instruments used:
Gretsch percussions – Classic Choir and Orchestra – Fender Fretless Jazz Bass ’62 – Jen, Arturia, URSS, Davoli synths – Neumann, Akg, RØDE and Sennheiser microphones – Drawmer and Focusrite preamps, TC, Universal Audio, Urei, Vonny Acoustics and Focusrite dynamics – Lexicon, Yamaha, Roland and Alesis outboards – Max/MSP, Ableton Live, Propellerheads Reason, Sony Acid, Steinberg Cubase, Apple Garageband and Logic software – MOTU AD / DA – Apple Logic Pro editor. Mixed with hybrid digi-log technology.

One Carl. Prologue

Spring of 2013.

While walking through the alleys of the suburbs, I have a vision of an old elegant man in front of me, with a conductor’s baton and a grey bag in his hand. He says: “I want you to publish the music that I wanted to do in life, if only I had the right tools. My job, in fact, was affected by the limitations of those instruments’ time. I want you to do my new music with these artists….”, and he suggested a list of a dozen musicians; I knew some of them.

He added: “My name is Carl“; while I was wondering things like “how will I do that?”, he disappeared.

After a few days, an old friend of mine, now conductor, asked me to record his concert. He would have performed the Carmina Burana.
After the recordings, I connected the two facts and asked for some proofs: I asked the director to let me use two portions of those recordings, just to “make an experimental record“. He said “yes“.
Later, I contacted all the artists suggested by Carl, told them about my vision and asked to get inspired by my two orchestral recordings, going musically and tonally beyond them. They said “yes“”.
As a confirmation of this, I received, within the next two years, eight small masterpieces, which seem to be magically guided by one esoteric mind.
I treated the all musical compositions and versions like plants in a very special botanical garden. I supported their sound going towards the Carl requests. Carl was a musical genius still wishful to be alive.
In this early winter, while I was thinking about the right time for this release, the old man reappeared and said: “Well done, now we are in 2015 and nothing will be as it was before. The music has changed”. Then he vanished, but I know that he is inside this record.

Among the artists involved in this album, I mention Andrea ChimentiValentino CorvinoThe Alpha StatesAlba Francesca BattistaEmanuele MengaAndrea RuscittiDomenico Montino and the baton and the grey bag of the old Carl.
With all of them, we used many different instruments and tools: a real symphonic orchestra and a choir with more than 40 singers, many audio sequencing and synthesis software, electric bass, percussions, violins, analog synthesizers and DJ equipment.

Here’s the release #07 from RadioSpia Records, called “One Carl is Undead – An Ideal Today  For Carmina Burana”!
(Marco Maffei, the producer)

O FORTUNA – Lyrics

O Fortuna
Velut luna
Statu variabilis,
Semper crescis aut decrescis;
Vita detestabilis
Nunc obdurat et tunc curat
Ludo mentis aciem,
Dissolvit ut glaciem.
Sors immanis et inanis,
Rota tu volubilis,
Status malus, vana salus
Semper dissolubilis,
Et velata
Mihi quoque niteris;
Nunc per ludum dorsum nudum
Fero tui sceleris.
Sors salutis
Et virtutis
Mihi nunc contraria,
Est affectus et defectus
Semper in angaria.
Hac in hora sine mora
Corde pulsam tangite;
Quod per sortem
Sternit fortem,
Mecum omnes plangite!

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